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Friday, May 06, 2011



That film looks really interesting! Your piece is very nice, I love how it is assembled.

Dawn Burnworth

This is gorgeous. It must have taken some time. Great job. I really like the flowers. They look so pretty. Love this.

Kim Young

WoW!! So worth the work!! I love the clear dangly strips---how very cool! Yours was a great first stop on the hop!

Arline M Pozzo

Love this piece. It is so different and unique. Wonderful job!


What a fun and fabulous piece.

Carol Miller

Wow. So interesting and creative. Favorite Mother's Day has to be handmade gifts from my children done with their handprints.

Heather M

Love it! Very creative decor.


well first ty for highlighting wendy...luv her! the colors here rock for me... and had never thought of doing something like this...I need to tackle the clearly for art stuff ...soon...leaving town shortly and pressed for time! tyvm

Kirsten Alicia

This is TERRIFIC. I love the plastic wavy bits, such a cool idea.

Patricia H.

Gosh, you are just SO creative! Love the design, the frames, flowers and modeling film. Wowee! Can't wait to get my hands on some of these items!


OMG girl this is awesome. I love it and I love how you 'propped' it. AND OMG, love what you did with the Modeling Film.....now why didn't I think of that.

This is awesome (God I so have to come up with another word, lol....)

Debbie Olson

Broni, this looks like many hours of fun in the making! I'd hang it in my studio too--beautiful job!

Karen Duncan

That a great project - thanks for sharing.

Linda Robison

TOO CUTE!! Loved the project and the step out explanation was fabulous - thank you!!


What an amazing project. I enjoyed looking at all the techniques you used!!!

Debby Walker

Broni,Love all the elemnts. I goona have to get some of the modeling film, teehee. Hugs

Susan Tidwell

Awesome project! Very creative and pretty.


This is absolutely beautiful and inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing!


It was certainly worth the time and effort, it turned out beautifully! I love the transparency portions, they add such a cool dimension!

Tracy Evans

Wow you certainly went all out on this piece of art, I love it and the embellishments and flowers are great. Well worth all the effort. Tracy.


WOW! That was a lot of work! Quite inventive I must say and COOL!

Belinda Basson

this is incredible. I love the clear plastic you have worked on. Such a cleaver idea.

Michelle S.

That is a fun project thanks for sharing!


Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the inspiration. I have many of those supplies - you've given me some ideas on how to use them now :-)

Tammy Hershberger

Wow Broni, that is AWESOME! You put your heart into this! LOVE the little things like covering the chains with the oval borders, and those cool clear dangly-things! :)

Sylvia/Little Treasures

Lovely creation.I had to take a second look at ALL the ways and products you used. Thanks for sharing. Here it would be a Dream, for Sunshine,Flowers to stay with us.

Cim Allen

Fantastic project ! I love the colors.

barbara lassiter

This is a great project and I love all the different elements.You obviously spent a lot of thought and time on this! It was worth it. I even love the kraft paper flowers.

Victoria Sturdevant

I love your piece! Making the swirls with the CFA is a great idea.


Such amazing details on this piece- great job sweetie.
Thanks for sharing the inspiration.
blessings to you, Dawn ll

Sandra ltb

a very cool application of Wendy's stamps, etc.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Sandra ltb


Absolutely loved how you showed the molding of molding film! Flowers and hanging is super cool. Thanks


Soooooo Stunning!!!!!
I love it!!

Linn Rivera

wow thats really cute and i love the color :)
would really like to get my hands on some of that molding film. thanks for the inspiration


Love what you did with the clear plastic strips and the idea of using scrap wood was brilliant!

Karen M

Fab-u-lous! What great products and ideas! Can't wait to try some myself!

bethann d

very cool, would be fun to have hanging around


I love this piece so much! You gave this some serious time and effort girl! Worth it in the end. Great job.

Carole Gatza

Lovely colors and ideas!

Eileen Bellomo

What a lovely and unique piece! The colors are about my favorites too!

Mary Harris

What a great project!! Really cool idea!!

Joan Ervin

WOW, girl...this is a fabulous work of art!!!! Every little detail is amazing...the colors, stamps, flowers and other dudads...love it all, Broni!!!


A great choice of colors! And I like the way you interwove the metal chain with the paper chain.


WOW you did a fabulous job with this! I love the details (paper/chain, the swirlies in the center, and the flowers). TFS


Thanks so much for sharing your piece of Art......I just love the modelling film fabulous!!


How cool, creative and gorgeous is this Broni!! I love your flowers and swirly clear pieces!! A stunning work of art!!

Erika M

How fabulous - I'm just amazed!

Dee in N.H.

What an amazing piece!!!! I love how you brought all of those things together! I too would be very proud to have that hanging on display!

julie m

what a lovely project. i really like the colors too. would look great anywhere/

Marilyn Lojek

WOW!!! Amazing piece of art and love the colors. Very intense and worth every minute you spent working on it. Great job!


What an amazing piece! I am intrigued by the modeling film. Super cool!

heidi Mireles

Love your project.

Kristy Hansen

What a beautiful piece. I love the clear plastic pieces-very creative idea. Hanging in a window would be wonderful. thank you for sharing. KSH

Joan V

Wow, Broni, this is wonderful. First, the main color you chose is refreshing. I love the teal and tan colors together. Now, the art is fantastic. So many wonderful dimensional items to look at in your art. Thank you for the inspiration. Love it!!!!

Cathy Yamashita

Wow, cool. The modeling film sounds intriguing!

Nancy B

Great project. I love all the different elements you used!

Pat Kinon

What a creative project! Loved the colors and elements you used. Your work is stunning!


A fabulously fresh take on the timeless mobile. I love it! Thanks, Broni!

Meghan Johnson

I love the movement in this piece.


Wow, beautiful creation! I love how using these materials lets everyone create something cool & unique.

Linda Duke

I love this Broni! The colors scream summer, and so creative.

Lynne Zickert

Very cool wall art hanging. Love the curls you made with the clearly for art. Need to get some of that.


What a fun piece of art! I was thinking of using the CFA to make twirly pieces just the other day. Glad to know it will work like I had hoped!

f lynn rush

i love seeing non-card projects on blog hops. thank you for sharing.

Dekida Hamler

Wow what a beautiful piece of art! I love the summer colors you used and as blue is my favorite color. Any color blue that is but this reminds me of a tropical sea. Great job

Holly Johnson

Wonderful piece, I am loving the clear pieces and how you shaped them!!


This does look labor intensive, but just wonderful!


That is a gorgeous piece of art!!! Thanks for all the detail shots.

Wanda H

Wow!!!!!!!!!! This is totally amazing!!!!!!!!!!


I really like the hanging. Each piece is artistic. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Janet L.

Awesome Art! No wonder you're on the design team!!

Sandi Figura

Just love your project! I love 3D art. You did a great job. I especially liked the hanging twirly things made from Made For Art. Thanks for sharing!

mary puskar

Totally blown away by this project. So innovative and unusual. And adore several of the unique techniques you used on it. Way to go!


Deb R

so many elements and so much work, WOW! thanks for sharing this great summery project using some of my favorite things


Wow, that is a lot of pieces. I can see why it took so long to make it. Any one of the pieces would have been a project in itself!
Aloha, Kate


Wow, what a lot of detail the close up photos are great. Lovely project.

Helen Lindfield

What a totally incredible project, it has obviously taken ages. I love it.


My first blog on my first bloghop! Fun, fun, fun!
Thank you for sharing a little piece of yourself through such a lovely project!


Great piece. Love the colours.



Fun project with lots of great details!

Shannon Sawyer

What an inventive, mixed media, outdoor hanging. You've actually given me an idea for a wind chime. You have used my absolute favorite color which is that light blueish/green color. I adore that color so much. I really like how you used these frams. Beautiful sample, thank you for sharing and inspiring.

Angie B

What a clever and creative way to take paper crafting OFF the page and truly into 3D space. LOVE it! Love the chain through the paper chains and the transparencies that make the bookplates look like they are floating. Super cute & cool!


Wow! This is a wonderfully creative project! I just love the use of the modeling film!


i have never seen anything like this!! WOW.. that is all i can say!!


Wow, what an amazing project, I love it.


Wow, what an amazing project,I love it

Stephanie Rodgers

Wow! That's one creative wall hanging! Love the colors! stefrick@optonline.net

Larissa Hesektt

What a fun creation!! =) I LOVE the layers and the texture!! THANKS for sharing those colors are PERFECT for summer!! =) Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

susan schultheis

I just have to say WOW!


I've never seen modeling film before! Amazing! This piece is so unique. It makes me think of a baby's mobile...even the colors are so soft and sweet. Your paper flowers are fantastic also. I adore those TH tattered flowers...so easy to layer and curl...so many ways...they are just a very versatile piece and your use is very inspiring.

Therese Howard

Wow, what a great well thought out piece.......who would of came up with this one.........thanks for sharing......... Therese


Thhis si a super cool piece. The details are just amazing. What yo did with the modeling film was inspiring and make sme want to go out and get some,

Barbara K

Wow! That is some creation! I never would have thought of hanging things that way. Great job!

Sandy W

Wow Broni! This is so much fun and I love the colors! Thanks for taking time to film the details so we can lift this.

Denise Foor

Beautiful art piece. Thanks for sharing your technique!

Marilyn Valadez

Beautiful art project! Looks like lots of work...but well worth it! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy D.

Love your aRt hanging!


All of your work really paid off. This is a lovely piece!

Marjie Kemper

This is amazing... so much work and so well worth it. Great job!


Very unique piece! Never would have thought of hanging thin pieces of clearly for art and molding them that way. Very cool!

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