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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


bevie pearl

What a fantastic creative experience to view your box. Thanks for all the details about how you made some of your boxes. I am sure it will be a treasure for your family for many years to come.

Neil Walker

This is a lovely cheerful display. I love the colours, so clear and fresh. Thanks for giving us a chance to get one to play with too.


Lovely display of memories . Thanks for all the detail on how you created your boxes


WONDERFUL!! I love how this turned out, especially your idea to use the shutters and the fence - it really brings the beach to life! Thanks so much for your detailed how-tos. This is a lovely momento, sure to be treasured for many years!

mary puskar

I think I can hear waves crashing in the background. What a lovely memory of the beach. You did a great job!



Love all your little touches like the bottles, and shutters and fence! LOVE the fragment charm addition, but I really love how you added the 2010...looks like a house number. VERY cute! TFS!


That is so pretty! Makes me want to leave right now for the beach! TFS

Linda R.

WOW, this got me to looking around my studio at all the paper scraps, tiny embellishments, medicine bottles, fragments, ideaology, jewelry. The idea of customizing it for the person is so exciting as well. Great ideas and lots of detail here in your example, thank you for sharing - this was great fun!

Elaine Allen

Broni -

This is spectacular! I love that you showed how we don't have to use each box. I love your different levels within the display. And what a beautiful, beachy atmosphere you've captured! I love all the wonderful memories you've placed in the box, something to treasure for always.

Elaine Allen

Sandra ltb

Broni - this is wonderful! Looks like lots of fond memories captured here.

Linda Ledbetter

Broni, it's sensational! What a fantastic collection of wonderful elements, all so perfectly chosen and arranged! The little shutters and fence are absolute genius-- it's like looking at a perfect little beach bungalow!

Marlene Moore

Wow! fabulous! love the beach theme and the shutter and little fence are just so cute in there.


Broni, How wonderfully creative. I just love this.


Wow! That was a lot of work!

Carol E

What a great memory keeper! The configurations could become more fun than scrapbooking!!!

Carol Miller

Brondi; i think this is my favorite!! :) i love the beach. I love the way would changed the depth of each box. Great instructions, thanks for sharing.


So many great elements and techniques! This turned out fantastic!


Wonderful project, Broni. As the winter sets in here in the Midwest, I so appreciate the warmth of this beach setting!


Amazing creativity and everyone's configuration is so different. I like the way you started with favourite photographs. The picket fence and beach theme is so calming.

Tracy Evans

What a fabulous theme, I love the washed out colours just like you would get on a beach, and the shutters are such a unique idea too. Really like the addition of the sand in one of the small bottles too. Beautiful creation and would look great in a bathroom on the wall or on a cupboard. Have a lovely week. Tracy Evans x x

Mary Arima

Broni, what a beautiful, refreshing visual treat!!! I bet you had as much fun reliving your memories as you had making this lovely thing!!! it was so fun to read all about the items you included and how they relate to the whole scheme of things! Thanks for sharing! Love it!!!


What a lovely memory box of family time!! I love how you explained your creativity!


Broni! This is so cute! I love the seaside theme! Thank you for showing us how to cover the boxes too. Very helpful!


Very cool, love the little shutter and fence, and your sand, neat touches, great themed box!

Janet L.

Wow! What a great collection and display of memories! I love it all. Thanks for sharing your talents!

Cathy Yamashita

Wow, you have some fantastic ideas in there. I love the door and wall with the year, and the "sand" trick. Great job!


What a fantastic display but of course your work always is! I am so in love with these box-a-licious configurations!

Jen Clark

WoW!!!! Just WOW! This is simply magnificent!!!!! I love how you changed the depth of some of the boxes, and I love the whitewash, the shutter, and the fence - just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing - and thanks for taking us through your process, step by step!


Gorgeous box and I love the theme you chose.

Chrissie R

Wowza. Every detail is amazing. I can smell the salt air and feel the gentle breeze on my face. This is an amazing piece. I want to re-create it and I don't even have beach pictures!!!

Karen M

Love your box. I feel like I just visited the beach - one of my favorite vacations! Great details!


Amazing job. All of the shells and little details are so cool. I like how you used pictures in some of the boxes.


This is just one amazing memory box. I just love all the fun goodies and details. Great colors and love the relaxing feeling of the box. Thanks for the inspiration.


Looks like you have had a great year, what a beautiful memory box.

Gladys R.

Beautiful arrangement of memories. Thanks
for showing how you created each compartment.


Oh Broni....what a treasure! This is really cool. Beautiful craftsmanship....full of wonderful memories!

Cassie K

just a stunning piece of memory. love all the details you used and the explainations.

Toni K

This is beautiful! I have thought of getting one of these, and now I think I have to! You did an amazing job!


This is so cool! I have been collecting treasures for a beach box as well. I love how you incorporated the photos, the beach treasures, and the "feel" of the area with the picket fence, peeled paint, shuttered door, etc. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Eddy

This is just a fabulous piece. I love your shutters and picket fence and that banner is too cute.


A nice idea for a memory box, and I really like the shutter and the fence.


Thanks for sharing your configurations and your process!!! It is just beautiful!


Nice ideas to use with some of the boxes. You made me see that not only old things can be used for this.


I love what you did with these. The beachy things are so pretty.


Broni, this is really awesome. You must have spent hours on this project. Really cool.


Your finished box is BEAUTIFUL and I love all the creaative deatils you shared here!


I enjoyed seeing the process, the box turned out amazing

Denise Coulter

What a gorgeous, gorgeous 2010 memories box!!! I love how you used both pictures and seashells. I also love your fence and the cute metal stand pieces.

Elena Chamberlain

Broni, I agree with everyone else, your box is AMAZING!!! I love the beach too. Also, thank you so much for showing how you put it together.
I am adding your blog to my list of "must-see".



What a treasure this is. It's a refreshing change from all the Christmas creations lately, and I love your tutorial I got a bunch of new ideas, thank you!

Iris Soscia

What an amazing project - such attention to detail and so beautifully executed. I especially liked the way you used the twine to simulate the wire on the picket fence. I'm a beach lover myself so all the "beachy" elements really speak to me and the family photos are great. Iris Soscia

Lee Ann

Broni, thanks for showing the steps for creating your box/boxes. I love the architectural elements you added!

Pat Dorset

Wow! I never thought about using a scene with the boxes. Clever!

Carol Hager

How very beachy this theme is! You provided elements that call us to remember the times at the beach. Also reminds me of Hilton Head! Thank you for sharing the details about the boxes too!

Victoria Sturdevant

Fantastic! I have some great beach pictures ans shells from a beach trip, I may have to make one of these.

iamvictorias at gmail dot com

Lana Edwards

WOW love your project. I love the beach and this would be a great idea to make using all my "Finds" from our trips to the beach.

Annette J.

First, I love your display, with its seaside theme and
Second, thank you for the photo tutorial, it gives us less experiences crafters more confidence to try something like this.

vicki dutcher

Way to much work for me - but what an EXCELLENT project!!

Mary Harris

Wow........such detail you really did a beautiful job. I love it the fence the shutter everything and thanks for taking the time to show us how you did it all. This is just awesome.


WOW!!!! Just wow! It is gorgeous!

Barbara M

What a great beach scene...full of your fam & memories...love how you used the scorer * the way you colored the sand.

Carole Gatza

Love your project. I am a Pisces so the beach is a fav of mine. The colors are prefect--so restful and serene. This would take me back to my vacation every time I looked at it! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy F.

WOw, that is truly an awesome project, thanks for much for sharing it with us. I loved every box!!


Wow! fantastic! Gives a whole new meaning to little boxes!

Larissa Heskett

AWESOME!! Thanks so much for sharing!! What a fun idea and I LOVE the colors you chose!! Have a GREAT DAY!! =)

Lynn Greenberg

I'm a beach girl like you, except in Florida. Can't wait to make one of my own. Maybe one for Hawaii and California also. Other beaches I've lived on.
Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Guest

....oh, this makes me miss the beach- it's been so long since I've seen the ocean! I like how you've used your photos along with the store bought & collected goodies. Love the mini shutter (need to go buy some of those to use on a project), especally like the use of a brad for a handle! Ink use to dye stuff very cool!!

Lista Shattuck

Love the details of your box. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Gimbrone

How light and airy your project is..I just love a beach theme. You certainly put a lot of thought into this and it shows in your attention to detail.
Just delightful !!

Thank you for sharing.

Yelowflower Mo

This is Awesome. Great job!

Linda H

So beachy! I can feel the ocean breeze, smell the salt in the air and hear the sound of the surf on the sand! Fabuolous creation!

Kay G.

I love this. It makes me want to be at the beach. Thank you for sharing. Great job!


Gorgeous Job! I love how you changed the depth of the pictures and items - very clever. I hope you have a prominent place to display it.


I love what you have done with configurations. You opened up a whole world of possibilities for me since I was stuck on vintage.


Your box is awesome! I adore the weathered shutters and the fence. What a great memory to put to art! Thank you for sharing!

Susan Schultheis

What a unique idea. It's amazing how each one of you used your own creativity to decorate Tim's box and they all are fantastic. Cant wait to deck one out on my own! Thanks for sharing.

Karen S. Ohio

Configurations are the BEST!!!!!! I really love the ocean theme!!!! I thought WOW!!!! and my mind went straight to the ocean we go to every year. You did an awesome job!!! Neat idea to tint the water blue in the little bottle~~

Jean B.

Thank you for this fabulous instructional and inspirational peek into these precious boxes. A beautiful display!


oh Broni, this is soooo awesome. I'm so getting me some more of these Configurations because I love how you incorporated photos. And how you created different depth (duh moment for me :-) LOVE how you created the sand!!!! That really blew me away, especially since I was at a loss at what to put in my little bottle. And then the picket fence..... wowsers. Gorgeous!



This is really spectacular! Love how you made it a great tribute to the beach, all the elements are perfect!

Robin (Tqmnurse)

I am amazed at all of the awe inspiring projects that have been created with these boxes...thanks for sharing


You have definitely showed us just how much you love the beach! I know you always said it, but now you really, really do! Just a beautiful piece of art. You should be very proud of yourself on this one! Well done!

Dee in N.H.

What a wonderful gorgeous piece. Thanks for showing the steps. This will be a family treasure for sure!


I love your theme!! It makes me think of the years I lived in Virginia Beach.

Lisa M

This is great; I love the color scheme, absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing the process!

Michele Boyer

This is fabulous, Broni! Every detail is wonderful! I absolutely love the little fence and door! So fun!

Kim C.

Very nice. I like your choice of calming seaside beach colors. Can't wait to make one.


Wow, so cute. I love it

Susan McMenamin

Thank you for breaking down the process and taking pictures at each step. Awesome work!


Wow, so cute. I love it

Dorothy C.

How pretty! I love how you used the shutter and fence.

f lynn rush

i love boxes! and these are great. i NEEEED some. what a wonderful memento for you. i am astonished at how beautiful this is. thank you for sharing.

Karen Pounds

I LOVE THIS! It's beautiful! Feels like we're there already!


Oh Broni, I read every word you wrote! (I usually only read the pictures. lol) I was just mesmerized by the process of how you put this all together, all the little touches that made such a huge impact. OMGOSH this is just fabulous!


Loved reading how you decorated your boxes. Great way to keep your memories!

katie the kid

what a great way to remember the beach! i love all the seashells and stuff, what fun!

Gillette Henry

Love the backgrounds and the picket fence. It reminds me of Nantucket. Nice job!


Beautiful, luv the beach theme, you did such a fantastic box and thanks for all the tips!


I could sit for hours, searching each DT`s projects and discover something different. Brilliant how you created matching faux sand with the clear beads & Copics.
Beautiful creation for generations to come <3

Shannon Sawyer

Wow, it's simply stunning. I love that background paper used, completely perfect for this awesome project of yours. I was amazed at all the different ways you used your Copic markers &/or refills for the markers. Very innovative! I wish I could afford those markers but they are pretty pricey. Tim's metal numerals went perfect with your whole project look. I forget about those and how many different ways you can use them, thanks for reminding me. Of course the pictures and the seas shells topped it off perfectly. Really Beautiful piece, thanks for sharing. This is my first "Blog Hop" with Eclectic Paperie and I'm excited about that, so far the DT rocks. After placing an order with them and finding out what type of customer service there is & what customer appreciation they have, I now a client forever.

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